Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry


Rather our customers are above or below ground, PPI has the right solution for conveyor components. Mining and material processing operations require very high production, they process a lot of material. That is why they trust the quality and durability of PPI conveyor components.

Equal Troughing Idlers

Equal Troughing Idlers are designed to support the belt and transport material on the carrying side of the belt.

Heavy Duty Drum Pulley

A drum pulley built to last with features that magnify strength, balance and concentricity.

Stub Idlers

Designed for increased sidewall conveyor belt life.

Belt Saver Bracket

Protecting the belt is vital, PPI's Beltsaver Bracket outward bend design allows the belt to track off of the centerline further than traditional drop brackets.

EZ Mount Pulley

A unique pulley and shaft system allowing for fast and economical bearing and shaft replacement.

Herringbone Wing® Pulley

Designed for applications where conventional wings suffer from excessive material lodging and wing folding.

Mine Duty Wing Pulley

Extra heavy duty construction to reduce the possibility of metal fatigue.

Smart Roll

Conveyor belt monitor that is designed with a proximity sensor.

Vulcanized Lagging

Lagging primarily used to improve traction capacity, resist abrasive conditions and extend pulley and belt life.


All the holding power you will ever need for conveyor pulleys.

Precision Light Duty (PLD)

Provides tension to the return side of the conveyor belt.

Conveyor Cover

Protecting your belt as well as your bulk materials is important in the conveying industry, that is why we offer a solution in both full and three-quarter coverage to offer protection.

Hollow Shaft Idler Roll

PPI’s hollow shaft idler roll is an alternative option to ease maintenance by providing a weight reduction compared to an equivalent standard roll with a solid steel shaft.

Unequal Troughing Idlers

A low profile design great for sorting and separating of material.

Keyless Locking Assemblies

A single taper design better equipped to handle the bending moment present in pulley applications.

Return Rubber Grooved

The next step from a traditional rubber disc roll.

Mine Duty Drum Pulley

The next step from a heavy duty drum using heavier rims and end discs for longer service life.

Reversible Self-Aligner

Self aligning for reversing belt applications.

Spiral and Spiral Plus Wing Pulley

Continuous belt contact that eliminates excessive noise and vibration.

EZ Slider

Provides a variety of loading zone options and impact absorption for light to medium duty loads.


Used to help the belt stay aligned with the conveyor structure.


Designed to be a field replaceable lagging ideal for pulleys in locations where removal and replacement is difficult.

Speed Switch

Innovative magnetic coupling system used for conveyor monitoring.

Precision Medium Duty (PMD)

Provides tension to the return side of the conveyor belt.

Impact Troughing Idlers

Impact Troughing Idlers are built with heavy duty frames to withstand shock.


Made of very strong steel that machines to a smooth finish.

Poly Idler Roll Coverings

For applications that require specific materials to help shed material or for abrasive applications.

Beater Bar Return

Knocks off material carry-back from the conveyor belt.

Spiral Drum Pulley

Formed by a pair of vertical steel bars around a Heavy Duty Drum.

Medium Duty Impact

Combination of impact absorption and belt support.

Beater Bar Pulley

Effective solution when aggressive belt cleaning is required.

Type E Bearings

Allows the bearing to be more forgiving of mounting positions.

EZ Lag™

Field replaceable lagging ideal for pulleys in locations where removal and replacement is difficult.


Designed to monitor a pulse stream received from a speed monitoring device.

Precision Heavy Duty (PHD)

Provides tension to the return side of the conveyor belt.

Channel Inset Idlers

Channel Inset Idlers are used to fit low profiles or to clear tight clearance areas.

Heavy Duty Idler Rolls

Built like standard PPI idlers but with a thicker tube.

Dead End Self Aligner

Designed to allow minimal belt wander with the capability to operate on reversing conveyors.

Static Shaft Pulley (SSP®)

SSP® the problem-solving solution for pulley applications prone to frequent bearing failure.

FAS Lag®

An easy to install wing pulley lagging system providing additional traction on the belt and protection for the contact bars.

Pipe Conveyor Panels

Handling dust control issues in the material handling industry.

Retro Rolls®

PPI Retro rolls allow you to use our proven idler rolls in other manufacturer's frames.

Guide Rollers

Provides protection to conveyor framework as well as training action to the belt.

Heavy Duty Wing Pulley

Individual, all steel wings and gussets expel excessive build up of material and provide cleaning action.

Pro Duty® Pulley

Our Pro Duty® features a profiled end disc similar to those found in high tension Turbine pulleys.

VEC Lagging

Eliminates seams where failures often start.

Precision Protected Angle (PPA)

Provides tension to the return side of the conveyor belt.

Lagged Idler Rolls

Extends the life of a roll by providing an additional reliable surface.

Inverted V-Return

Used to track the belt on the return side of the conveyor.

Precision Slide Tube (PST)

Provides tension to the return side of the conveyor belt.

SAFD Bearings

Suited for heavy applications, made with ductile iron increasing performance in cold conditions.


A two-part program allowing customers to use a simple manual take-up frame on long conveyors, simplifying the take-up system.

Spiral Urethane Roll

Allows for cleaning action without beating the belt.

SD 3000 - 3100 - 3200 Bearings

PPI SD plummer block housings are made to accept all major international brand bearings.

Transition Equal Troughers

Offering a transition from a flat belt to a troughed belt.

Pro Tracker

The PPI Pro Tracker is a great solution for your belt tracking issues.

Wire Rope Idlers

Designed for hard to access applications.

Precision Heavy Duty Hydraulic (PHYD)

Provides tension to the return side of the conveyor belt.

Spinweld Nylon Rolls

Rolls with several key benefits for many applications.

Hydraulic Cylinder (HYD)

Rugged, easy to operate and easy to install.

Vayeron Idler

PPI Idler Rolls equipped with Vayeron Smart-Idler® technology.

Aluminum Rolls

Engineered with maintenance personnel in mind.

Scale Quality Idlers

For weighing applications, each has a TIR within 0.015".

Catenary Idlers

Shaft ends allowing our idler rolls to accept a variety of mounting hardware.

Flat Carrier Idlers

For applications including picking, sorting, feeders and package handling.

Urethane Sleeve Roll

Providing an abrasion resistant surface for the return path of the belt.

Catenary Idler Structure

An accommodating design that offers a reliable and quick installation of structure.


PPI’s V-Return Idlers are built with a 10° two roll trough configuration that allows gravity to naturally keep the belt centered.

Rigid Rail Idler Structure

A conveyor structure that provides a sustainable design with components built to last.

Rigid Rail Self Aligning Idlers

An idler that offers a convenient design for your structure rail systems.

Lagging and Knurling Options

Greatly reduces wear caused by abrasive materials and prevents buildup of sticky material on pulley services.


Legacy idlers produced by PPI for Marco frames.

Spinweld HDPE Rolls

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rolls offering significant weight reductions, compared to their steel equivalents.

Turbine/Engineered Pulley

Designed by our engineering group using Precision Finite Element Analysis for your specific needs.

Cantilever Wing Idler

Light weight design ideal for portable equipment.