Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry


When it comes to large pulleys and idlers no other manufacturer is as well equipped to produce solutions to the world’s most challenging applications as PPI.  From extreme belt tensions and massive sizes to some of the coldest conveying environments on earth, PPI has the expertise and experience to keep operations up and running.

Capabilities Include:

  • Shaft machining up to 28” (711 mm) in diameter and 315” (8001 mm) long
  • Vulcanized lagging up to 72” (1829 mm) diameter and 192” (4877 mm) face width
  • Roll rims from plate up to 2” (51 mm) thick and up to 120” (3048 mm) in diameter
  • Cast urethane lagging for pulleys
  • Total Indicator Run-out (TIR) and roll drag testing for idlers
  • Testing and reporting for customer directed inspections
  • Thermal stress relief of pulleys up to 72” (1829 mm) diameter and 120” (3048 mm) face width

Equal Troughing Idlers

Equal Troughing Idlers are designed to support the belt and transport material on the carrying side of the belt.

SAF Bearings

Suited for heavy conveyor applications.

Hollow Shaft Idler Roll

Hollow shaft idler rolls offer weight reduction.

Unequal Troughing Idlers

A low profile design great for sorting and separating of material.

Impact Troughing Idlers

Impact Troughing Idlers are built with heavy duty frames to withstand shock.

Static Shaft Pulley (SSP®)

SSP® the problem-solving solution for pulley applications prone to frequent bearing failure.

Pro Idler

A whole new class of idlers!

Hourglass Guide Roll

Hourglass guide roll with exceptional wear

Apron Feeder Shaft

Used in copper, gold, cement and other types of mining operations providing ultimate reliability.

Turbine/Engineered Pulley

Designed by our engineering group using Precision Finite Element Analysis for your specific needs.