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Take-Up Frames eliminate the need for additional take-up supports and enable load distribution. PPI offers a number of different styles and options.

Hydraulic Cylinder (HYD)

Standard Series 2HD cylinder with lip seals and SAE ports for PHYD frames.

Precision Heavy Duty (PHD)

Welded and bolted steel construction with fully protected adjusting screw offers maximum strength.

Precision Heavy Duty Hydraulic (PHYD)

Made of welded and bolted steel construction. Designed for series 2HD head trunnion mount cylinders.

Precision Light Duty (PLD)

Fully protected adjusting screw; two-piece saddle design for 2-bolt pillow blocks.

Precision Medium Duty (PMD)

One-piece saddle design adds extra strength. Use with ball, spherical and sleeve bearings.

Precision Protected Angle (PPA)

Top angle protects the adjusting screw; fits channel bottom housing bearings.

Precision Slide Tube (PST)

Slide tube design protects the screw from the environment. Side mount installation.

Precision Top Angle (PTA)

Top angle protects the adjusting screw; fits round bottom housing bearings.

Precision Wide Slot Center (PCP)

Bolted cap rail allows for quick and easy bearing installation.

Precision Wide Slot Side Mount (PWS)

Compact and economical frame design for tight, side mount installations.


A two-part program simplifying the take-up system.