Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry


PPI offers a number of idler accessories to help your operation run smoothly.  From speedswitches to belt tracking, review some of the options here. 

Basket Roll Guard

The Basket Roll Guard from PPI is designed to protect personnel from the hazard of being drawn between a spinning idler and a moving belt.

Belt Saver Bracket

Protecting the belt is vital, PPI's Beltsaver Bracket outward bend design allows the belt to track off of the centerline further than traditional drop brackets.

Hourglass Guide Roll

Hourglass guide roll with exceptional wear

Pipe Conveyor Panels

Handling dust control issues in the material handling industry.

Poly Idler Roll Coverings

For applications that require specific materials to help shed material or for abrasive applications.

Return Roll Cage

Provides protection to property and personnel from suspended idler rolls.

Return Roll Guards

Provides a barricade at the pinch point created by the belt passing over a return roll.

Structure Guards

PPI Structure Guards help protect your belt and structure.