Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry


Belt tracking is critical to maintain both your belt and your structure. Not all belt-tracking issues respond to the same component, which is why PPI offers multiple options and solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Dead End Self-Aligner

Designed to allow minimal belt wander with the capability to operate on reversing conveyors.

Guide Rollers

Provides protection to conveyor framework as well as training action to the belt.

Inverted V-Return

Used to track the belt on the return side of the conveyor.

Pro Tracker

The PPI Pro Tracker is a great solution for your belt tracking issues.

Pro Trainer™

Designed to actively train a conveyor belt while operating on the clean side of the belt.

Return Training Bracket

Tracking a conveyor belt has long been a challenge in the bulk material conveying industry.

Reversible Self-Aligner

Self-aligning for reversing belt applications.

Rigid Rail Self-Aligning Idlers

An idler that offers a convenient design for your structure rail systems.


Used to help the belt stay aligned with the conveyor structure.

Side Guide Roller

PPI’s Side Guide Roller provides protection to conveyor framework as well as providing training action to the conveyor belt.


PPI’s V-Return Idlers are built with a 10° two roll trough configuration that allows gravity to naturally keep the belt centered.