Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry


PPI's full line of idlers meet or exceed CEMA requirements for load, life and dimensions. They are designed and manufactured for long trouble free life with no greasing.

Aluminum Rolls

Engineered with maintenance personnel in mind.

Beater Bar Return

Reduce material carry-back from the conveyor belt.

Cantilever Wing Idler

Light weight design ideal for portable equipment.

Catenary Idler Structure

An accommodating design that offers reliable and quick installation of structure.

Catenary Idlers

Shaft ends allowing our idler rolls to accept a variety of mounting hardware.

Ceramic Rubber Disc Roll

Developed for conveyor applications handling abrasive materials, PPI’s Ceramic Rubber Disc Roll provides exceptional wear characteristics.

HDPE Rolls

HDPE rolls provide weight and noise reduction, as well as corrosion and contamination resistance.

Heavy Duty Idler Rolls

Built like standard PPI idlers but with a thicker tube.

Hollow Shaft Idler Roll

Hollow shaft idler rolls offer weight reduction.

Lagged Idler Rolls

Extends the life of a roll by providing an additional reliable surface.


Legacy idlers produced by PPI for Marco frames.

Removable End Bracket

Allowing better access to idler rolls.

Retractable Frame Idler

For impact zones where frequent roll change-out is required.

Return Rubber Grooved

The next step from a traditional rubber disc roll.

Rigid Rail Idler Structure

A conveyor structure that provides a sustainable design with components built to last.

Scale Quality Idlers

For weighing applications, each has a TIR within 0.015".

Spinweld HDPE Rolls

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rolls offering significant weight reductions, compared to their steel equivalents.

Spinweld Nylon Rolls

Rolls with several key benefits for many applications.

Spiral Urethane Roll

Allows for cleaning action without beating the belt.

Stub Idlers

Designed for increased sidewall conveyor belt life.

Transition Equal Troughers

Offering a transition from a flat belt to a troughed belt.

Urethane Sleeve Roll

Providing an abrasion resistant surface for the return path of the belt.

Wire Rope Idlers

Designed for hard to access applications.