Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry


Beater Bar Pulley

Effective solution when aggressive belt cleaning is required.

ContinuWing® Technology

Provides the ultimate in abrasion resistance.

EZ Mount Pulley

A unique pulley and shaft system allowing for fast and economical bearing and shaft replacement.

Grain Herringbone Wing® Pulley

Combines improved wear and quieter operation.

Heavy Duty Wing Pulley

Individual, all steel wings and gussets expel excessive build up of material and provide cleaning action.

Mine Duty Wing Pulley

Extra heavy duty construction to reduce the possibility of metal fatigue.

Paddle Wheel

The PPI Paddle Wheel helps with material segregation.

Quarry Max Duty Wing

Made for severe conditions where wing folding and abrasion issues are a concern.

Spiral and Spiral Plus Wing Pulley

Continuous belt contact that eliminates excessive noise and vibration.

Static Shaft Pulley (SSP®)

SSP® the problem-solving solution for pulley applications prone to frequent bearing failure.