Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry


EZ Mount Pulley

A unique pulley and shaft system allowing for fast and economical bearing and shaft replacement.

Heavy Duty Drum Pulley

A drum pulley built to last with features that magnify strength, balance and concentricity.

Mine Duty Drum Pulley

The next step from a heavy duty drum using heavier rims and end discs for longer service life.

Pro Duty® Pulley

Our Pro Duty® features a profiled end disc similar to those found in high tension Turbine pulleys.

Single Disc Elevator Pulley

One-piece, all steel single disc pulleys available for space constraints.

Spiral Drum Pulley

Formed by a pair of vertical steel bars around a Heavy Duty Drum.

Static Shaft Pulley (SSP®)

SSP® the problem-solving solution for pulley applications prone to frequent bearing failure.

Turbine/Engineered Pulley

Designed by our engineering group using Precision Finite Element Analysis for your specific needs.