Sanitary Components

PPI is a premier manufacturer of stainless steel products for the food processing and unit handling industries. We now offer a complete line of stainless steel conveyor drum and wing pulleys and custom stainless steel machining capabilities for a wide variety of components to serve your light belt operation’s needs. 
We have an excellent understanding of USDA and FDA requirements and have been building products for use in these applications with proven success. In addition to our stainless steel machining, products are also available with plastic materials including UHMW, Acetal, and Ertalyte just to name a few.   
Drum pulleys are available for a variety of applications such as corrosion resistance, reduced magnetic properties and sanitary food grade. Surface finishes and shaft attachment methods are very flexible and can be modified to meet customer demands.
XT®, QD®, Taper-Lock®, weld in shafts or fixed bores with set screws are a few of the more popular hub types available.
PPI is capable of producing demanding rim surfaces such as knurling, V guide sections or our proprietary KV-Drive and K-Drive positive drive system.
Decades of experience making stainless steel wing pulleys endorse PPI effectiveness. Offered in XT®, QD®, Taper-Lock®, weld in, sealed ball bearing cartridge with set screw, and fixed bore set screw hubs.
Smooth TIG or MIG welded joints resist buildup and make cleanup easier.
No matter what size or the application, call the pulley experts at PPI to get it right the first time.
We understand that you face unique challenges that require unique solutions. We produce custom pulleys every day and welcome the opportunity to help solve your most demanding challenges.
Lagging is the use of an elastomer compound on the face or contact surface of a pulley to increase the friction between the pulley and the belt. Increasing this friction reduces belt slipping and the belt tension required to drive the conveyor. This equates to longer belt and component life and increases reliability. 
Lagging can also greatly reduce wear caused by abrasive materials and prevent buildup of sticky
material on pulley surfaces.
We offer a variety of lagging compounds for a broad range of applications. These include SBR, white neoprene, urethane, carboxylated nitrile (XNBR), nitrile, EPDM and silicone. 
For those applications that required additional grip from a steel rim, we offer complete knurling services. Options include straight groove, herringbone and diamond as well as custom designs.
Our Self-Leveling Foot Pads are an all stainless steel, sanitary design which allows their use in food production applications.
They are available in a wide variety of standard sizes and lengths with load  carrying capacities of up to 28,000 lbs.
Saw vice cutting guides are manufactured from nickel-plated carbon steel. Available for pipe size and tubing ranging from 1 to 6 inches. 
A pulley assembly is only as good as the components that go into it. That’s why we make our own stainless steel hubs and bushings.  We control the quality of the raw materials and the machining tolerances that go into each one.  Available in XT®, QD® and Taper-Lock®.


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