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Deflector Wheels

Deflector wheels are used on Flexowall conveyors and on pocket belt conveyors. PPI works hand in hand with its customers in the development of these pulleys. Shown in the picture to the left is the low tension deflector wheels for a recent job. (The large ones wouldn't fit through the door!)


Compaction Rolls

PPI builds compaction rolls to customer specifications. This one is machined, line bored and has a special cone rolled and welded to the rim and end disc to prevent buildup.


Heavy Duty Rolls

PPI builds heavy duty rolls to meet customer specifications. This roll has a one piece hub that extends between the two end discs.


Extra Wings

PPI builds special wing pulleys using techniques developed at PPI. This allows us to build wing pulleys with several additional wings for a critical application.


Specialty Pulleys

PPI built this combined Wing- Drum for a particular problem situation.



This shipment of custom rolls built to customer specifications are crated and ready for shipment.


Custom Tube Pulley

Using Heavy wall steel tubing and a machined face to insure maximum strength and concentricity are key features of these special Machined Face Tube Pulley.


Specialty Wings

PPI builds wings to customer specifications with some slight modifications. PPI can and does build specials every day. 


Specialty Drums

PPI builds a wide variety of drums for a wide variety of situations. This is a special design feed roll.


Grinder Tubs

PPI builds special grinder tubs on a daily basis to suit customer needs.


Conditioner Rolls

PPI builds special rolls with special customer designed applications such as the conditioner rolls shown.




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