PPI receives IISC Safety Award for Hazard Control Recognition

Date: 3/17/2023

Each year, PPI submits different safety projects that have been completed by our plants.  Last year, Dana Doty - Corporate Environmental Health & Safety Manager - submitted this project and it received an award.  This specific project was completed in Plant 2 on the Vertical Lathe-oil mist collection system. PPI Safety & Environmental is success by purpose – Not by Accident!!   Please read more information below.

Vertical Lathe – Oil Mist Collection System SAFETY Improvement

Before: Previously the Toshiba Vertical lathe during operation would shoot a cloud of oil mist out the top of the machine and into the air. Right behind the machine up on the wall you will see an air exhaust fan, so the machine was running and the oil mist was coming out of the machine. When the exhaust fan would be turned on, the oil mist was getting blown across the Plant. 

After: We purchased a Torit oil mist collection system with an arm that extends into the machine an collects the oil mist at the point of use eliminating the safety and environmental hazard.