Conveyor Design Program

PPI’s Conveyor Design Program is a web based application for
conveyor horsepower calculation, selection of pulleys and idlers,
and selection of take-up travel length for fixed take-up conveyors
up to 1,000 feet long using our Stretch-Rite calculations. Its use is
limited to non-regenerative conveyors that don’t exceed 2,000 feet
in length and fabric belts with ratings that don’t exceed 1,000 PIW. 
We recommend using it on Google Chrome but it is capable of running on other browsers including Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11 and higher), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Apple Safari. If you have previously registered for the current Conveyor Design Program, your existing login credentials will also
provide you access to the new program without having to go
through the registration process again.  

PPI's Stretch-Rite calculations provide the opportunity to use manual (fixed) take-ups on conveyors that are longer than 150'. The Stretch-Rite analysis in the Conveyor Design Program provides guidance on the selection of travel length and initial belt stringing conditions to achieve proper tension to prevent slip or excessive sag. In many cases, this can be accomplished with our current line of take-up frames. For longer conveyors that require more travel, our new 120" extended take-ups will be required.

To access the program, please click here.
For instructions and getting started, find the user manual here.

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